Timing is everything when catching salmon






My experiences in Alaska have taught me there’s a key component to successful Hunting and Fishing,  TIMING.  You need to be in the right place at the right time, especially when it comes to catching salmon.  Don’t get me wrong, I also firmly believe in LUCK.

This year I was in the right place at the right time.  In 2013 Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game and the Seward Chamber of Commerce  planted 205k smolt in the Seward Lagoon.  Those smolt went out to sea and all summer long they’ve been working their back to where they started, the Seward Lagoon.   By September 2014 those same fish were feisty 7#-15# freezer filling silver salmon.

Having easy access to fish is one of the many reasons we enjoy living in Seward.  I was able to avoid the weekend combat fishing and catch 18 silvers in 3 days.  This added up to over 60# of fillets.

The technique we use is called snagging, it’s not “sporty” but it’s sure effective and also really fun.  We literally cast weighted treble hooks and snag the fish, that simple.  Some call it unethical but, I would like to demonstrate otherwise.  These are hatchery fish in a terminal fishery, meaning they are not native and will not spawn.  What’s not caught will end up rotting in the lagoon.

These fish are serving a purpose, they are feeding hundreds of people thousands of meals.  There’s no genetic engineering, antibiotics, or growth hormones.  They’re also providing a late season boost to our local economy.

From May – September there are salmon running somewhere in Southcentral Alaska.  Plan ahead and do some research if salmon fishing is a priority.

What did you eat for dinner?  I hope you enjoy the video.



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