Alaskans on Vacation! Vlog 8 [Blooper Reel: Spain & Turkey]

Thank for following our travel vlog series across Spain and Turkey!  We had some great experiences and enjoyed sharing them with you.  When you take as much footage as we did you are bound to make a few mistakes and capture some funny moments.

Sleeping Selfie Bomb
The #SleepingSelfieBomb

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Alaskans on Vacation! 2015 Travel Vlog 2 [Pamplona – San Sebastian]

We hope you enjoyed the first video from our 2015 Travel Vlog.

Castillo de Olite
A castle off in the distance deserves and unscheduled stop when road tripping!

Our vacation in Stain continues, the day starts in Zaragoza and we hit the road to San Sebastian.  Along the way we explore a castle in Olite and have lunch in Pamplona.

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Alaskans on Vacation! 2015 Travel Vlog 1 [Alaska to Spain]

We decided to continue the vlogging experiment on our Winter vacation!  This year’s destinations were Spain & Turkey.  Each video highlights one to two days of our travels.

Alaska Air Cargo Flight
The cargo flight from Anchorage. The front of the plane is cargo and the back is humans.


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