Our Top 5: Favorite Things to do on the Kenai Peninsula!

Our Top 5: Favorite Things to do on the Kenai Peninsula!

The Kenai Peninsula is accurately dubbed “Alaska’s Playground”.

Kenai Peninsula Welcome Sign

Being a couple of hours from Anchorage the Kenai Peninsula is the perfect place to spend a long weekend or a 7 day vacation.  In our case it also a great place to live.

  1. Fishing  in Seward:  Yes, I’m biased because we live here and these are these my waters!  You can catch just about everything on fishing charters from Seward.  Halibut, Salmon, Rockfish, & Lingcod.  In my opinion the best time to fish from Seward is the first half of July; the silvers are biting, lingcod season is open, halibut fishing is good, rockfish are plentiful, and it’s a great time to fish king salmon near Montague Island.   If you’re lucky, there still might be some sockeye salmon to be caught from the beaches on the other side of the bay.  Catching fish is one of my favorite pastimes but bringing home 70# or more of meat for the freezer is awesome.  
  2. Clam Digging:  We love clam digging.  Cook Inlet has some of the best razor clam digging in the world.  Clams are found on the west side of the Peninsula during minus tides.  In our experience, the best digging is in Ninilchik and Deep Creek.  The regulations are constantly changing so be sure to check before you go digging.  If you want a real adventure take a charter across Cook Inlet and clam dig on the remote beaches!
  3. Kayaking in Seward:  Yes, we are a little biased on this one as well. Seward is the “Gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park“.   This is some of the best ocean kayaking in the world!  It’s common to have some humpback whales join you on your paddle.   1
  4. Visiting Homer:  Homer is a beautiful town on the southern end of the Peninsula.  The shopping is great and Rebecca’s favorite place is Blackberry Bog.  We  really enjoy wine tasting at the Bear Creek Winery.  The Spit is the end of the road and home to restaurants, shops, “The Fishing Hole”, and fishing charters.filename-homer-jpg-thumbnail0
  5. ATV’ing:  Imagine cruising down the beach racing the eagles while looking across at an active volcano.  Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.  The beaches on the west side of the peninsula are great places to take an ATV ride.  Be sure to check the tides before you leave, they will sneak up on you.  Ben's Canon 016


Other noteworthy things that didn’t make our list.

  • Fishing the Russian River: When the reds are running this is the place.  This is combat fishing at its finest and why it’s not on my list.  I’ve never fished here and I never will.  Combat fishing
  • Kenai Fjords tour boats:  A great way to visit the fjords.  They will take your right up to the tidewater glaciers and they know the best spots to see wildlife.  The boats are large and comfortable and have great captains and crews.  This one didn’t make my list, when I go out on a boat I want to fish not just sight see.  KF Tour
  • Exit Glacier:  Located in Seward, again.  Now you know why we live here.  Exit Glacier is on the road system and you can hike to the glacier or all the way up  to the Harding Ice Field.
  • Alaska SeaLife Center:  There are few better ways to spend a rainy afternoon in Seward, than visiting the Alaska SeaLife Center.  ASLC, an aquarium and wildlife rescue center, has interpretive exhibits and tours.

Hope you enjoy the list.



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