Just for Girls: Where Can a Girl Get a Little Pampering Around Here?

Alaska women might be tough, but we like to get dressed up and look like a lady, too.  If you’re up here for a vacation, you’re probably going get a little dirt under your fingernails.   I thought you might like to know about a few great places to go for pampering!

pam·per   ˈpampər
indulge with every attention, comfort, and kindness; spoil.
synonyms: spoil, indulge, overindulge, cosset, mollycoddle, coddle, baby, wait on someone hand and foot.
  1. Alyeska Resort, Girdwood
    • Not only do they have a lovely spa here you’ll also enjoy a salt water swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and workout room.  The rooms are fantastic.  Ben and I LOVE to book a long weekend during shoulder season (for the best rates) away from the stresses of the world.  We sleep in, order pizza from one of the restaurants in the hotel, watch the snow fall outside, swim several times a day in the pool (usually alone because there are no crowds between the summer rush and arrival of the ski crowds)  which has a fantastic view of the mountain.  Oh and I’ve heard this place has great skiing, which is a favorite sport of mine, but I have a hard time justifying the crazy prices for lift tickets (Ben has rubbed off on me).  Here’s a link to the spa website with details on services, prices and booking.  Don’t miss out on all that Girdwood has to offer while you’re here and be sure to take the nature walk around the resort, too.  Check out details on the nearby RV camping, here in Ben’s article.
    • RV Access/Parking:  This resort has a large parking lot where you can park your RV while you recreate.  If the upper lot is full, you can also make use of the overnight RV lot mentioned above.

      You can park at the base of Alyeska mountain with the RV and head to the Alyeska Spa for a luxurious treatment!  Go ahead, you deserve it.
      You can park at the base of Alyeska mountain with the RV and head to the Alyeska Spa for a luxurious treatment! Go ahead, you deserve it.
  2. Land’s End, Homer
    • The Sunday brunch at Land’s End is lovely.  We enjoyed brunch here with friends during the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival in 2012.  In October 2014, we were in Homer for business and Ben surprised me with a day at Land’s End.  We went kayaking in the bay, the day after our first snowfall of the season.  Then followed up with soak in the jacuzzi, a rest in the sauna and a couple’s massage at the spa.  The resort is older and not incredibly high end.  However, the spa is a clean, well-appointed and recently remodeled space.  They are eager to please and we had a wonderful massage.  Ben had a first while we enjoyed our spa day.  We checked in for our couples massage and as we were escorted back to the treatment room, he was surprised to find that his masseuse was actually a masseur with a beard.  It made for a good laugh.
    • RV Access/Parking:  At the end of the main hotel building, you’ll find space for a few large RV’s to park and generally as long as you let the front desk staff know you’ve parked there in order to utilize the spa, they don’t give you any trouble.  You can also leave your RV at one of several RV parks you’ll find on the Homer Spit and walk or take a taxi down to Land’s End.

      Sillhouette of Ben on the beach by Land's End getting ready to launch the kayak.
      Sillhouette of Ben on the beach by Land’s End getting ready to launch the kayak.
  3. Studio 335 Day Spa, Seward
      • Seward is our hometown and Studio 335 is my home spa.  We are so lucky to have this little gem in our community.  You can enjoy a mani-pedi, waxing, facials, haircare and massage.  Erin Webb, the in-house hairstylist is one of the top three, if not the best I’ve ever been to.  I pretty much give her free reign over my hair and I’ve never been disappointed!  If you run out of hair products, nail polish or makeup, they carry a sweet selection of goodies here, too!  Be sure to ask about the facial special of the month!
      • RV Access/Parking: I’d recommend leaving your RV at whichever local park you decide to camp in.  If you are at the popular Waterfront Park down on the bay, you are within easy walking of  Studio 335.  If you are camped elsewhere inside city limits you can take a taxi for $5.

    We admit it, we're biased.  You have to stop in and visit our lovely little town!
    We admit it, we’re biased. You have to stop in and visit our lovely little town!
  4. The Beauty Room, Anchorage
    • Before Studio 335 opened in Seward, I made the 130 mile trek to The Beauty Room in Anchorage for all of my “getting pretty” needs.  I’ve gone to several different stylists here, you’re not likely to be disappointed as they have a high standard.  I’ve also had a facial at The Beauty Room and while the ambience isn’t the best I’ve ever seen, the aesthetician did a great job!  This cute little place also has a selection of clothing, makeup and beauty care products.
    • RV Access/Parking:  Per my husband’s advice, bring the toad (tow vehicle), unhitch the 5th wheel or take a taxi to this location.  They have a large parking lot, but it requires being able to turn on a pretty  tight radius and probably isn’t ideal for an RV.   A reality you’ll deal with all around Anchorage.

      Courtesy of www.examiner.com
      Anchorage has lots of great places for those seeking a day of beauty and pampering! Photo courtesy of www.examiner.com
  5. Beauty Nails and Spa, Anchorage
    • I am incredibly picky about where I get my nails done.  Having said that, I actually found this great nail salon because I had a coupon for them in the Northern Lights Coupon book!  After checking out their reviews on Yelp!, I thought it was a safe bet.  I now recommend them to everyone. It’s CLEAN, they use OPI polish and all of the employees are friendly.  The couple who owns Beauty Nails and Spa also owns the Auntie Anne’s Pretzel shop at Dimond Center Mall.  They do a great job on gel nails here, too!  Which is an handy way to preserve your nails on your Alaskan Holiday!
    • RV Parking/Access:  If you turn right on the street just after Sicily’s Pizza, you’ll find a big parking lot in back where you can park your RV.  The nail salon is right across the street from Sicily’s and parking there makes for a quick walk to their building.

      Courtesy of www.yelp.com
      Courtesy of www.yelp.com
  6. Allure Hair Salon and Day Spa, Anchorage
    • I haven’t personally been to the Allure Day Spa.  However, many of my Sewardite and Anchorage friends frequent this downtown facility and give rave reviews.  They are a full service salon and spa!
    • RV Access/Parking:  This spa is located in downtown Anchorage, I wouldn’t encourage anyone to try and park their rig down there.  Take your toad or a taxi to this lovely little place.

      Courtesy of www.allurehairdesign.com
      Courtesy of www.allurehairdesign.com
  7. Chena Hot Springs, Fairbanks
    • So you won’t get your typical pampering experience at Chena Hot Springs, but you won’t want to miss out on it, either!  Ben and I spent a day here in April 2014 when we went to Fairbanks for a business trip and tagged on a weekend of fun!
      Chena Hot Springs
      Chena Hot Springs

      You might find mixed reviews about this resort online.  I can’t speak to the rooms at Chena Hot Springs because we didn’t stay overnight.  The mixed reviews and rather speep prices deterred us.  We took all of the facility tours, enjoyed a soak in the the outdoor hot springs, and ate in the restaurant.  We had a fantastic experience!  Starting with the history of this nifty place, to the amazing science behind their Geothermal technology, it is truly the science geek’s delight.  You’ll also be blown away by their year round green house (enjoy lettuce and tomatoes in the restaurant, picked fresh daily).  And let’s face it, anyone is going to enjoy a room filled with pretty and colorful ice sculptures when they serve you an apple martini in a glass made of ice.  One wee little suggestion:  bring a pair of flip flops to wear in the changing room.  The floors are damp and slippery.

    • RV Access/Parking:  The road out to Chena Hot Springs is paved and well maintained, no need to worry about taking your rig out there.  There is an RV park and a large parking lot, so you should easily be able to find a place to accommodate your rig.

      It's kinda romantic here--Chena Hot Springs, Ice Hotel
      It’s kinda romantic here–Chena Hot Springs, Ice Hotel

Given that this article is about beauty in Alaska, I would be remiss if I didn’t add a plug for our business!   We have an Anti-Aging  Facial Spa System, which has allowed me to keep my face in  “May I please see your ID” condition from the convenience of our RV, anywhere in Alaska.

For more information about our natural products and how the technology works, check our website and for details on how we’ve created a lifestyle that allows us to travel enough to write this blog and more, check out this website!  You can also give me a call 907-491-0898 and I’d be more than happy to talk with you.

May all of your pampering in Alaska dreams come true!  Remember a day at the spa is about the same price as a day out on a fishing charter, wink, wink!  Truthfully, I recommend you do both, check out my article here on Fishing For Girls!



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