Surviving Alaska: Save Money on your Alaska RV Vacation!

Surviving Alaska: Save Money on your Alaska RV Vacation!

Every penny counts, here’s tips and tricks for saving money on your Alaska RV vacation.


  • Book in advance:  Start planning early, last-minute plane tickets are expensive.  If time’s on your side, shop around and hold out for some good deals.  I recommend following Scott McMurren’s Blog to keep track of airfare deals to and from Alaska.
  • Campgrounds instead of RV parks:  Campground prices range from $10-$18/night.  RV parks range from $20-$60/night.
  • Eat in, restaurants are expensive:  Hit up a grocery store or Costco and make your own meals?  Treat yourself to a few meals out, other than go catch a salmon and eat it!
  • Pay for things in advance:  You plan your Alaska RV vacation months ahead of time,take advantage of that time.  Paying for things in advance can eliminate some of those little expenses so everything doesn’t hit at once.  Things you can buy in advance; fishing license, coupon book, tours, etc.
  • Engine maintenance: If you are driving thousands of miles to Alaska, would .5 – 1.5 extra MPG help?  Yes, the maintenance would probably pay for its self and then some.  I recommend making sure the following items are in good condition; air filter, fuel filter, and spark plugs.
  • Tire pressures:  The best part of making sure your tire pressures are set, it’s FREE!
  • Boondocking:  There’s no shortage of places to camp for free in Alaska.  If you’re logging miles heading towards a destination, you can stop in almost any pull out or gravel pit along the highway for the night.  There are also free campgrounds in the Kenai National Wildlife refuge.
  • Alaska Air credit card:  Earn miles on Alaska Air every time you make a purchase.  We strategically use ours and pay off what we spend so we don’t pay interest.
  • Northern Light Coupon Book:  I saved the best for last!  Don’t come to Alaska without the Northern Lights Coupon Book.  The minute you land or cross the state line you can start saving money.  Everything from car rentals, restaurants, lodging, glacier tours, fishing charters, etc..

Northern Light Coupon book

I hope you enjoy these money saving tips and tricks, safe travels!

Please feel free to comment below and share your tips and suggestions.



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