48 Hours in Anchorage, an RV’ers Itinerary.

The long days and thousands of miles driving the RV have paid off, you survived the Alaska Highway and reached Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage.  It’s a rewarding and relieving feeling arriving in Anchorage, aside from a sense of accomplishment you will also find yourself taking advantage of it’s many resources.  You can find everything from parts and service for your RV to a seven pound chocolate cake at Costco.

Cabela's Boondocking

Anchorage is a regular city that holds on to it’s frontier roots.  Still to this day, people come from hundreds of miles around to restock on supplies! [Read more…]

Destinations: Chitina & Kennecott Mine, Part 1

Kennecott Mine
Kennecott Mine

Question:  Kennicott or Kennecott?

Answer:  It’s actually both, the name of the on site glacier is Kennicott after the naturalist Robert Kennicott, but due to a clerical error the mine was named Kennecott Mining Company.

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