Recipes from Alaska: Ben’s Spanish Paella!

One of our favorite meals is Spanish Paella.  This week we are guest posting on The Alaska Life blog!  Inspiration for our recipes comes from many places, this one came from our vacation to Spain and Turkey.

Spanish Paella - Alaska Style

We use proteins unique to Alaska for our Paella

  • Copper River Sockeye Salmon
  • Alaskan Halibut
  • Alaska Lingcod
  • Razor Clams
  • Kodiak Scallops
  • Prince William Sound Shrimp
  • Caribou Sausage

If you are getting hungry and want to make this amazing meal read our post on The Alaska Life blog, Spanish Paella – Alaska Style!


Recipes from Alaska: Ben’s Homemade Coffee Creamer

Have you looked at the ingredients for store bought flavored coffee creamers?  They’re full of additives, preservatives, and most of them I can’t even pronounce!  My creamer is based on 3 simple whole ingredients! The rest is completely up to YOU!  By adding your choice of pure extracts you can personalize your own coffee creamer.

Base ingredients for Ben's Homemade Coffee Creamer
Base ingredients for Ben’s Homemade Coffee Creamer

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Recipes from Alaska

I should preface this series with saying that I am the baker in the house, Ben is the chef.  I’m a good cook as well, I just happen to enjoy baking more than cooking. The exceptions to this rule are the nights when I start reading Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, vacations when I wander aimlessly through local markets in search of new culinary delights or other times in life when I have minimal responsibilities and can really enjoy creating a meal.  The first recipe in this series — Salmon Alfredo; was a happy accident I created when I took a summer off after grad school.  In our day to day lives, I’m more likely to be responsible for our dessert favorites.

Example: Delicious Apple Pie
Example: Delicious Apple Pie

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