Surviving Alaska: 12 Ways To Stay Safe On Your RV Vacation!

Just because Alaska is a beautiful far off land, doesn’t mean the state isn’t prone to modern problems.  The ultimate goal is keeping you safe on your Alaska RV vacation by increasing your awareness.

As nice and peaceful as this gravel pull out  campsite along the Denali Highway looks it was rather undesirable.
We pulled into this nice and peaceful campsite along the Denali Highway at night.  When we woke up it was rather undesirable.  It was littered with trash, broken alcohol bottles, spent rounds from people shooting guns in camp, and the icing on the cake was when the dogs found a rotting caribou head 10′ into the bushes.

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Packing For Alaska: Ben’s Outdoors List

Forget the usual clothes packing list.  I’m focusing on what you need to bring to make the most of the Alaskan outdoors.  One of the many perks to driving your motorhome to Alaska is having the space to bring plenty of sporting goods.

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Extending the Short RV Season in Alaska

Alaska’s summers are shorter than the Lower 48’s.

The prime summer months in Alaska are June – August.  If we stuck to these 3 months we’d hardly use our motorhome.  So far, we’ve been pretty lucky and haven’t been too inconvenienced by the weather.  Although, one time our tanks froze and what went in couldn’t get out…

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Packing For Alaska: Her List Part 2

Early morning fishing on the boat.
Early morning fishing on the boat.

Staying Warm

  • Keep a bag under the bed with:
    • Fleece socks
    • Thermal tops and bottoms
    • Warm hats, gloves, scarves
    • Snow pants.
  • I carry this bag in the RV all summer and in our SUV in the winter.  You might think that seems excessive in the summer time, but you’d be surprised.  I spend a lot of time in fleece socks and thermals up here, year round.

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