Packing for Alaska: You’re Gonna Get Dirty

I came to Alaska for the first time when I was eight years old.  My Grandpa was a pilot, he and my Grandma used to fly their Cessna 180 tail dragger to Alaska every year.  The summer after third grade, my mom and I flew up in August and joined my Grandpa for the month.  We traversed the state, visiting the must-see sites like Denali National Park, Kenai, Fairbanks, Lake Hood, Homer and so on.   [Read more…]

Packing For Alaska: Ben’s Outdoors List

Forget the usual clothes packing list.  I’m focusing on what you need to bring to make the most of the Alaskan outdoors.  One of the many perks to driving your motorhome to Alaska is having the space to bring plenty of sporting goods.

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