Surviving Alaska: How The Government Shutdown Could Affect Your 2015 Alaska Vacation!

Are you planning a vacation to Alaska in the summer of 2015?  If so, you need to know that the Alaska Legislature is six weeks late on passing a state budget and if they fail to do so by July 1st 10,000 employees will be laid off and services for residents and tourists will be affected.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Alaska

Alaska is a great place to call home, but living in the happiest place in the country comes at a price.  What some view as a hardship, others may view as a welcomed challenge. It’s all a matter of perspective.

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Surviving Alaska: 10 Laws You Need To Know Before Driving To Alaska

It’s a busy time of year in Alaska and everyone is gearing up for summer!  Some of you might have already hit the road.  Fortunately, we had a mild winter so the roads are clear and easy to travel.  Speaking of roads, Alaska has a few unique laws you should know about.

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Packing for Alaska: You’re Gonna Get Dirty

I came to Alaska for the first time when I was eight years old.  My Grandpa was a pilot, he and my Grandma used to fly their Cessna 180 tail dragger to Alaska every year.  The summer after third grade, my mom and I flew up in August and joined my Grandpa for the month.  We traversed the state, visiting the must-see sites like Denali National Park, Kenai, Fairbanks, Lake Hood, Homer and so on.   [Read more…]