Packing For Alaska: Her List Part 2

Early morning fishing on the boat.
Early morning fishing on the boat.

Staying Warm

  • Keep a bag under the bed with:
    • Fleece socks
    • Thermal tops and bottoms
    • Warm hats, gloves, scarves
    • Snow pants.
  • I carry this bag in the RV all summer and in our SUV in the winter.  You might think that seems excessive in the summer time, but you’d be surprised.  I spend a lot of time in fleece socks and thermals up here, year round.

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Packing For Alaska: Her List Part 1

It’s the dilemma that plagues every woman before every trip she takes….coming to Alaska is no different even if you have an entire RV to fill.  It took years to figure out how to pack for RV trips in Alaska, without my husband commenting on my prowess for testing the limits of our closet clothes bar.

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A Unique “His” & “Hers” perspective on RV’ing in Alaska!

Have you ever pulled into a campsite on lake and “He” is grinning from ear to ear thinking about fishing, and “She” couldn’t roll her eyes any louder?  Or, you pull into a small town RV park and “Her” eyes light up looking at all the little shops, while “His” have rolled completely into the back of his head.  It yes, you’re in the right spot!

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