Boondocking 101: Conserving Water

It’s amazing how fast you can go through the water in your RV’s tank.  When we first purchased our motorhome we went camping and used water like were in our home.  Needless to say we consumed 50 gallons of water in 18 hours.  After some practicing  restraint and lots of trial and error we can now go over 7 days on our 50 gallon tank.

Camping at one of the many pull-outs on the Denali Highway.
Camping at one of the many pull-outs on the Denali Highway.

The Biggest Water Sucks!

  • Waiting for the water to warm up
  • Showering
  • Leaving water running while showering
  • Doing dishes
  • Flushing toilet

Right now some people are thinking these are necessities and the whole reason I bought or rented an RV.

Biggest Water Saving Changes

  • Re-purposing water: This means if you are waiting for the shower to warm up, collect that water and use it to do the dishes or flush the toilet.
  • Turn the valve on the shower head to trickle when soaping up: Just enough water comes out to rinse your hands until you are ready for a quick rinse.
  • Shower consecutively: Turning the water off and back on then readjusting  to the right temperature consumes water.  When one person is done showering, the other should jump right in.
  • Oxygenics Shower Head: This shower head is amazing, it saves water and gives you an increased water pressure.
  • Turn water off when washing hands and brushing teeth
  • Take spit baths:  Warm up some water on the stove, pour it in a bucket and bath yourself.  Yes, it’s old school but c’mon your in Alaska boondocking.
  • Bottled Water: Buy gallons of bottled drinking water, the water you drink really adds up.

Extreme Water Conservation Measures

  • Use water from an outside source: In Alaska, there’s no shortage of water so bring a couple buckets and collect water from a well, river, or lake.  Use this water to do dishes, bath, and flush the toilet.  This is the single most effective measure we have found for long trips.

With all this water going in, what do you do about your Black and Grey Water Tanks?




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