Generally speaking, Alaska’s RV parks are different from ones in the Lower 48.  You also won’t find Thousand Trails parks up here, not even close.

Why should a RV park in Alaska be like one in the Lower 48?  They shouldn’t because your not in the Lower 48, your in Alaska!

What’s unique about Alaska RV parks?

  • Most are not paved: Expect dirt roads, gravel sites, and puddles when it rains.
  • You don’t always have grass and a picnic table at your site.
  • WiFi is not always available.
  • Don’t expect full hook-ups.  Many parks only have electric sites and you get water/dump tanks at a centralized location.
  • If the park is open year you will most likely see people who live in their RV’s year around.  Some are travelling for work and others are out of sheer necessity.

Ben, are there good things about Alaska RV Parks? YES!

  • The views: Some of the best views in the world are up here.
  • Wildlife: It’s not uncommon to have a moose walk right through the park.
  • The prices: You can usually find an electric only site for around $15-$25 depending on the location.
  • Sales Tax: There’s no state sales tax in Alaska.  Some towns have a small sales tax to help keep the town alive.
  • The people: Alaska is an international destination!  You are going to meet amazing people, just like yourself, from all over the world.
  • There’s food in the woods:  Depending on the time of year you can walk into the woods to pick berries or other wild edibles for a quick snack.  You can also head to the nearest river and catch some fresh salmon for dinner or drop a line in a lake for some trout.

RV Sunset

If you don’t set expectations too high, you won’t be disappointed with Alaska’s RV parks.  Remember you’re here for the nature not the RV park!

Anchorage RV parks are a breed of their own, Stay tuned for a special post dedicated to them.



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