Our Rig

Choosing what kind of RV to buy is a tough decision.  It ultimately boils down to compromises.

  • Motorhome?
  • 5th Wheel?
  • Bumper Pull Travel Trailer?

Aside from having a budget, the biggest factor in our decision was the desire to tow toys.  Rebecca is completely happy sitting for hours reading her kindle, but this would drive Ben crazy.  He can’t sit still and must always be doing something.

A motorhome was our decision. We can tow toys and have comforts of home while on the road.

She’s a 1999 32′ Allegro on a Ford chassis powered by a 6.8L V10 with low miles.   Ben has over a decade of experience with Ford and knows them for better and worse, Rebecca also really liked the floor plan.  We’re both happy about the hydraulic leveling, we never wanted to be that couple with blocks and scissor jacks yelling to each other “A little more on the left”, “Your left or mine?”, “Too much!”.

We often refer to our motorhome as the Mobile Command Unit.  Upgraded with mobile and WiFi signal boosting capabilities, she allows us to camp right on the fringe and still run our business.

Wilson Signal Booster Roof Antenna
Wilson Signal Booster Roof Antenna


Wilson Signal Booster Module
Wilson Signal Booster Module

We wanted to start hunting while exploring the state.  We’re not hunting fundamentalists who think you have to”keep it real” by hiking miles into the bush, pitch a tent, harvest, and pack out your animal.  If we can take advantage of a few modern conveniences to increase our odds of success and comfort then why not.  We are also not trophy hunters because our ultimate goal is putting food on the table, if the animal has nice antlers that’s only a bonus.

In 2012, a dealer in Homer had a brand new 2010 Arctic Cat Prowler sitting on their lot.  Needless to say they were eager to get it off their books, and we made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.


The next hobby we wanted to get into was kayaking.  Ben’s mind instantly went kayak fishing.  After some shopping around to find the right boats and some creative welding from an Anchorage welding shop we had kayaks and a rack to carry them.


The trailer is fully loaded and ready for some adventures around Alaska.  We jokingly tell people now that we have land and sea covered, we just need to get something for the air.

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