A Unique “His” & “Hers” perspective on RV’ing in Alaska!

A Unique “His” & “Hers” perspective on RV’ing in Alaska!

Have you ever pulled into a campsite on lake and “He” is grinning from ear to ear thinking about fishing, and “She” couldn’t roll her eyes any louder?  Or, you pull into a small town RV park and “Her” eyes light up looking at all the little shops, while “His” have rolled completely into the back of his head.  It yes, you’re in the right spot!

His and Hers Alaska is attempting to bridge the gap between the sexes.  We will provide an informative, educational, and sometimes humorous perspective into RV travel around Alaska.

Ben [His], is a licensed Captain/Alaska Fishing Guide.  A call it as he sees it kind of guy whose not blinded by smoke and mirrors.  His passions are fishing and hunting and can cooks up amazing meals with our Alaskan harvests.

Rebecca [Her], a life long travel enthusiast loves taking “home” on the road in the RV.  Alaska stole her heart at the tender age of eight when she explored the state in her grandfather’s Cessna 180.  Being an avid SCUBA diver, she’s equally as comfortable underwater as in the skies.  Fishing is best enjoyed after catching a quick limit and finding a secluded spot to read a book.

Modern technology keeps us “connected” during our adventures allowing us to work and run our business from the road.  Exploring Alaska is a passion and we spend the better part of the summer in our motorhome finding new places and making new friends.

We hope our unique perspective will help you enjoy the Alaska we’ve fallen in love with.

B and B Ninilchik Beach





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